For Customers

Who will be responsible for sending our items? Each artists will be directly mailing you any purchased products. When you check out it will provide an email for you to be able to coordinate any issues with. 

Are the artists on the site real? YES all artists on the page are the real people. Next to the name you will see a gold verified symbol to ensure that we've 100% verified the person to be authentic. 

For Artists

What is the benefit of Rock Closet vs. just selling my items on Etsy and Ebay. RockCloset is a collective of like minded musicians. People into bands don't just go to Etsy or Ebay to look for items. They WILL go to a place where they know there is a large focused amount of musicians in the genres of music they love. 

What is the percentage RC takes? To start it is a 90/10 split between the artists and company. The more active and longer you are on RockCloset the lower your fees will go. We will directly work with you on this.  

Can any musician signup? Yes any musician,photographer,promoter,manager,fan collecter, or anyone within the industry with cool items can sign up. 



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