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Welcome to Rock Closet! Thanks for joining us and being a part of this new website that was created with YOU, the artist in mind. Rock Closet was designed by musicians, for musicians! As a hard working artist, you know how important it is to keep additional income coming in, whether you are touring or on a break at home. Rock Closet is a perfect way to make some extra money just by selling your used, extra “stuff” that is basically hanging in your closet. 
Rock Closet is also designed to help fans communicate with you: their favorite front man, drummer, guitarist, bassist, model or whatever your particular artistic talents may be. You just take a picture of your items, decide on a price, post it to the site and then watch the sales come in. Once the items are sold, you package them up and send them to the buyer. You will immediately receive your payment via PayPal and the item will be marked "sold out". Remember, you are in charge of your own shipping, so if you are touring, you may want to have someone help you with the shipping fullfilment. 
One of the creators of Rock Closet has personally made quite a bit of money utilizing a similar concept, so we know this will be successful and guess what? It requires very little effort – just lots of original stuff from YOU! We will send you guidelines regarding successful presentation of your items and example pages. This site is not designed to sell band tee-shirts, personal clothing lines or posters. It is designed to sell a unique single item or a specific number of personal items that have been signed or worn (specified number: 1 of 10, 1 of 20, etc.). Take a bunch of pictures of yourself with shoes, hats, glasses, jewelry, shirts, vests, etc. and the put them all up for sale!

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